De Nobis

About Us


The Veterum Sapientia Institute promotes the learning of Latin as the majestic, universal, sacred, immutable, and concise language of the Catholic family. We offer the keys to the vast patrimony of the Faith through online courses, in-person workshops, and Vatican-accredited certificate and diploma programs.

Our Name

Veterum Sapientia (pronounced [veːtɛrum sapieːntsia] Latin IPA, roughly: VAY-te-rum sah-pee-EN-tsee-ah) is a Latin phrase meaning Wisdom of the Ancients. It is the title of a 1962 Apostolic Constitution of John XXIII in support of Latin in the Church.


The accreditation for VSI’s Diploma of Ecclesiastical Latin comes from the Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education through the Pontifical Institute of Higher Latin (PIAL), which is seated at the Pontifical Salesian University.

Fidelity to the Magisterium

VSI exists as a living act of obedience to the will of the Church concerning the Latin formation of clergy and religious. It was founded in November 2020 with the express permission and blessing of the local ordinary.


The Veterum Sapientia Institute, Inc. is a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization.