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Why Latin?

1. Ultimately, the Church wills the use of Latin, as Pope Saint John XXIII particularly expressed.

2. Latin is our collective birthright. All families are based on shared parentage and shared language. Latin is the language of the Catholic family, and as such, it enables human fraternity within the Church.

3. Latin is the language of the universal, of inclusion and of equality among people – regardless of national origin or socioeconomic status.

4. No one can understand Catholic theology deeply without Latin. Two thousand years of Catholic theologians articulated the Faith in and through Latin, creating a Latin technical vocabulary still in everyday use throughout the whole Church.

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Latin Immersion Workshops

Learn Latin the natural way by immersing yourself in it for a week.

Personal Interest Online Courses

Beginners to advanced students are able to hone their language skills with our variety of Latin and Greek courses online.

Diploma of Ecclesiastical Latin

VSI is partnering with the Pontifical Institute of Higher Latin to offer a unique diploma program.

Why Now?

1. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people, including many homeschoolers, turned to distance-learning to learn new skills. Many also turned to mobile language-learning apps for the first time (People flocked to language apps during the pandemic – but how much can they actually teach you? | Shelley Hepworth | The Guardian and How learning a new language can help during the COVID pandemic | Berlitz).

2. This year VSI is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its namesake document, Veterum Sapientia – an Apostolic Constitution issued by Pope John XXIII (the father of Vatican II, which modernized the Church’s liturgy) to promote the significance of Latin for the Church.

3. This month, the Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education approved VSI’s diploma program. Vatican certification further underscores the ongoing importance of Latin training for the Church at all levels.

Why VSI?

1. Completion of the VSI DLE program will fulfill the Latin requirements for clergy established by the Church.

2. VSI is officially accredited through the Vatican’s Pontifical Institute for Higher Latin (PIAL) housed at the Pontifical Salesian University in Rome.

3. Our instructors have proven track records of effectiveness teaching both clergy and laity.

4. We offer online as well as in-person teaching, serving the growing need for distance learning.

5. Our courses are affordable.

6. Our courses are lively and engaging.

7. We offer tailored and convenient courses meeting the needs of religious communities and busy parish priests.