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Join the inaugural cohort for our new
Teaching Credential in Latin Pedagogy
Launching July 1, 2024!

Earn Sought-After Credentials

Earn certifications, licenses, and diplomas alongside a community of enthusiastic peers and teachers.

Once you have the basics down, you can keep growing with additional licenses or specializations.

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Latin and Greek Education Reimagined.


Certificate of Basic Ecclesiastical Latin Language Proficiency

This is the foundation: all of our programs start here.

Whether you have taken some Latin before, or none at all, this ten-credit, five semester program will get you speaking, reading, and writing Latin in the ecclesiastical pronunciation. Because our program is founded on mastery-at-level, you can place out of as many of these courses as you are able. If it has been a while, however, we recommend that you start ab initio – from the beginning!

Three Semesters of Fundamentals, one of Composition, & one of Advanced Latin.
100% Online!

Afterward, you can continue building on your skills with a teaching license, or a specialization in Classics, Canon Law, Philosophy, Theology, or Liturgy.


After basic fluency in Ecclesiastical Latin, you are able to enter into the core of VSI’s offerings. Each of our specializations can be pursued as stand-alone continuing education (CE) credentials in support of your personal or professional interests, or else subordinated to an advanced course of study resulting in a teaching license or Pontifical Diploma.

  • Pedagogy Specialization
  • Biblical Theology Specialization
  • Systematic Theology Specialization
  • Moral Theology Specialization
  • Canon Law Specialization
  • Liturgy Specialization

Alternatively, build your own track and study what you enjoy. Build on your previous success and earn the CE credentials that express your interests.

Teaching Credential

Teaching Credential in Ecclesiastical Latin

Earn this first-of-its-kind credential to teach Latin in an integrated, Catholic approach using active pedagogy from the only pontifically-approved institute in the United States.

Our new 18-month teaching credential program is designed to give current and aspiring teachers the tools to make their Latin classes more interactive, and integrate the Catholic faith into their student learning. Building on more than 60 years of combined experience in a living Latin approach, our faculty has taken what they learned from Fr. Reginald Foster, one of the greatest Latin teachers of our times, and synthesized it with the very best of modern language learning. For the first time this integrated Catholic approach is being made available to all.

The program objectives ensure that graduates are able to give their students an active command and use of the Latin language. Learning Latin simply as another foreign language is not the goal; rather, success is defined as an active participation in the Catholic tradition through the medium of the Latin language. This is accomplished by expanding the competencies necessary for success: student outcomes also will be evaluated not just on reading and writing skill, but also on speaking and listening.

Through our partnerships with universities, this program counts as credit towards select MA degree programs in Catholic and Liberal Arts Education


Pontifical Diploma in Ecclesiastical Latin (Diplóma Latinitátis Ecclesiásticæ)

Engage with primary sources with masterful fluency.

Complete our full course of study and earn the Pontifical DLE by taking a variety of courses across our various areas of specialization in order to obtain the necessary 32 credits.

Unlike any other Latin program in the world, the DLE is Co-sponsored by the Pontifical Institute for Higher Latin (PIAL), and follows the program of studies outlined by Pope John XXIIII in the document Veterum Sapientia.

It is the only Vatican-accredited course of studies in Ecclesiastical Latin in existence.

Looking for 1-on-1 Help? We Have Experienced Tutors.

Kitchen Table Latin and Greek Learning

You didn’t learn your native language in a classroom. Learning to speak conversationally with words that we encounter on a daily (or hourly) basis lays the foundation for grammar and mechanics upon which advanced fluency is built. We think of it as learning through the kind of informal conversation that we have every day around the kitchen table, and invite you to come sit at ours!

Our tutoring is specially designed to fit your unique needs and preferences. With VSI tutors, you have the freedom to learn at your own pace and on a schedule that works best for you all while laying the necessary foundation for advanced learning in a fun, personal setting.

Experience the joy and satisfaction of delving into these captivating languages and unlock your potential. Ignite your passion for Latin and Greek, as you engage in the most rewarding way to learn.

Get individual, hands-on Latin and Greek tutoring at your own pace and on your own schedule with your choice of VSI tutors.

Learn joyfully.
Learn masterfully.
Learn living Latin and Greek.

You can read, speak, and think in Latin and Greek – and have fun doing it.

Learning languages doesn’t have to be a matter of repetition and memorization. In fact, when it’s conversational, you’ll learn it faster and with more joy.

Latin and Greek are not just academic studies, they are the living languages of our faith.

Whatever your proficiency level, we have a program for you.

Learning ecclesiastical Latin or biblical Greek doesn’t have to take forever. You can learn to think, read, and speak proficiently in as little as one semester.

No residency requirement. No room and board required. No massive student debt.

Learn at a comfortable pace that allows you to continue living your life without interruption.

Discover the joy of small class sizes, where you’re not just a face in the crowd.

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