Diploma Programs

Diplóma Tirocínii Latinitátis Ecclesiásticæ

Diploma of Basic Ecclesiastical Latin Language Proficiency

Consisting of only 5 online courses (10 credits) over 2.5 years, this diploma program will take you from no Latin to speaking, reading, and writing in Ecclesiastical Latin. This program is perfect for those that are committed to studying Latin, whether from professional or personal reasons, but are not ready to commit to the full DLE program.

Diplóma Latinitátis Ecclesiásticæ

Diploma in Ecclesiastical Latin

This is the full diploma program, approved by the Vatican and co-sponsored by the Pontifical Institute for Higher Latin. It starts with the same material as the DTLE, and then follows the program of studies outlined by Pope John XXIII. Consisting of 32 credits (including the 10 credits for the DTLE), this program covers a vast array of both pagan and Christian authors, preparing the student to read, write, and speak Ecclesiastical Latin in a variety of subjects.