Diploma in Ecclesiastical Latin
Recommended Program Timeline

4 Years, 9 Semesters

I. First Semester (2 USAC/4 ECTS)

  • LAT101/D0011.1: Fundamentals of the Latin Language – Level 1. [Familia Romana chs. 1-15] (2 USAC/4 ECTS)

II. Second Semester (2 USAC/4 ECTS)

  • LAT102/D0011.2: Fundamentals of the Latin Language – Level 2. [Familia Romana chs. 16-26] (2 USAC/4 ECTS)

III. Third Semester (2 USAC/4 ECTS)

  • LAT103/D0011.3: Fundamentals of the Latin Language – Level 3. [Familia Romana chs. 27-35] (2 USAC/4 ECTS)

IV. Fourth Semester (2 USAC/4 ECTS)

  • LAT201/D0012: Latin composition (2 USAC/4 ECTS)

V. Fifth Semester (2 USAC/4 ECTS)

  • LAT202/D0013: Advanced Latin Language. [Roma Aeterna chs. 36-40] (2 USAC/4 ECTS)

VI. Sixth Semester (7 USAC/14 ECTS)

  • 3 Classical Latin Courses (One from either the prose or poetic authors, two from the other group.)
  • THC350/D0050: Catechismus Romanus (1 USAC/2 ECTS)
  • THD351/D0051: CV II Documents (1 USAC/2 ECTS)
  • TLL360/D0060: Ordinary of the Mass [UA and NO] (1 USAC/2 ECTS)
  • TLL361/D0061: Proper of the Mass [UA and NO] (1 USAC/2 ECTS)
  • DLE100: First Milestone Exam (No Academic Credit)

VII. Seventh Semester (7 USAC/14 ECTS)

  • Any three 400-level courses
  • PHI401/D1001: Overview of Latin Philosophy Manual Tradition*
  • THD401/D3001: Overview of Latin Dogmatic Theology Manual Tradition*
  • SSB401/D5001: General Survey of the Vulgata
  • JUS401/D6001: Overview of the Latin of Canon Law
* – Required for students that have not previously completed collegiate courses in philosophy and theology.

VIII. Eighth Semester: Spring Intensive (6 USAC/12 ECTS)

  • TPP501/D8001: Latin Patristics (2.5 USAC/5 ECTS; required for all)
  • JUS501/D8002: Roman Curial Latin (2 USAC/4 ECTS; required for all)
  • ARC501/D8003: Christian Archaeology (1.5 USAC/3 ECTS; required for students in Rome)
  • or
  • LAT501/D8004: Ecclesiastical Neo-Latin Christian authors (1.5 USAC/3 ECTS; required for remote students)

IX. Ninth Semester (2 USAC/4 ECTS)

  • DLE200: Final Paper – 30-50 pages (2 USAC/4 ECTS)
  • DLE300: Second Milestone Exam (No Academic Credit)

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