Latin Immersion Workshops

Latin is NOT dead!

Do you want to improve your command of Latin? Has it been a while since you studied Latin and you’d like to reactivate your knowledge? Would you like greater confidence in pronouncing Latin prayers? VSI’s workshops are the most effective programs available today for anyone to learn to read, write, and SPEAK in Latin. Most programs treat Latin as a dead language, focusing on memorizing grammar tables and vocabulary. VSI approaches learning Latin from a totally different perspective.

VSI stands out for three reasons:

  • We use Ecclesiastic Latin pronunciation and focus on Catholic subjects.
  • We treat Latin as a living language.
  • Our programs are immersive.

Centuries of research and practice confirm that immersion is the most effective way to learn a language. Why limit the use of this method to modern languages? Despite popular belief, there is a growing community of Latin speakers. Come to one of our workshops and join that community!

May 22-28, 2022

At Aquinas College in Nashville, TN
Intermediate - Advanced Level
Open to all Catholics

Veterum Sapientia
July 24-30, 2022

At Saint Joseph College Seminary in Mt. Holly, NC
Intermediate - Advanced Level
Open to all Catholic Ecclesiastics
(Clergy, Seminarians, Male and Female Religious)

Admissions & Registration

Due to growing demand, VSI has elected to use the Populi learner management system. All applicants will need to first fill out an admissions application. When prompted, please select “Workshops” for the program, and your desired workshop for the term. Once you have been admitted to VSI, then you will be able to register for your workshop.

Imortant Dates


March 14 – Registration Opens
April 4 – End of Early Registration
May 20 – Late Registration Closes
May 22-28 – Workshop

Veterum Sapientia

March 14 – Registration Opens
May 30 – End of Early Registration
July 22 – Late Registration Closes
July 24-30 – Workshop