Bringing back Latin by Dr Mark Clark

James Walther, MA

“Latin is a dead language.” How many of us latinophiles have heard that ad nauseam as if it were the refrain to the verse “I speak [study, teach, write in, etc.] Latin”? With no doubt, Latin and the classics in general are making a comeback in the academic world.

There is a problem, however. The thing that killed Latin in academia has not been generally corrected and so it will strike again. The problem is learning Latin as a dead language. If you study a language in such a way as to use only your passive knowledge (reading and listening), but not your active knowledge (writing and speaking) then sic, lingua Latina mortua est…in te, sed non in se. It is what you make of it.

The solution then is simple: to recover our former fluency, we need only restore what was traditionally our end, namely, to master Latin comprehensively so as to be able to use it: to think in it, to speak it, to write it, and to read it with native or near-native facility.

Dr Mark Clark

The number of Latinists that recognize the pedagogical necessity of speaking and writing in Latin is growing. VSI is not just making this up or chasing some fancy. Rather, we are trying to facilitate the accomplishment of the goal to which many others are aiming.

It is therefore no wonder that when we come across articles by other and unrelated authors, we are wont to share them as proof not only of the reasonableness of our aim, but also of its practicability. Thus we are happy to share with you an article by Dr Mark Clark, Bringing back Latin, which explores the loss of Latin over the past decades, why we should restore it, and what that will take.


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