Essay on VSI’s Logo

VSI’s logo is based on a famous school of mosaic artists, active in Italy in the Middle Ages, named “Cosmatesque” after the Cosmati family who supposedly developed the style. Many of the churches in Rome are paved with Cosmatesque stonework, and some have other items decorated in this style. Green and purple stand out in […]

Latin in actu: Writing A Thomistic Christocentrism

Why learn Latin? Besides whatever beauty, delight, and perspective there are to gain, the reason to learn a new language is to communicate with it. In the case of Latin and other “dead” languages, the majority of that communication consists of reading old texts. My recent book, A Thomistic Christocentrism: Recovering the Carmelites of Salamanca […]


The 1962 Vatican Ordinances accompanying Veterum Sapientia. January 6, 2021. Enjoy this sneak preview of what we’re pretty sure is the first-ever translation — into any language, not just English — of a momentous Latin document published in 1962 and, strangely, nearly impossible to find anywhere outside the printed or online edition of the Acta […]

Finding God in Latin – Article by a Seminarian

VSI was founded with the intent of helping priests, seminarians, and religious to learn to speak Latin and Greek according to the will of the Church. Here is an interesting article by a seminarian on Latin.

Bringing back Latin by Dr Mark Clark

“Latin is a dead language.” How many of us latinophiles have heard that ad nauseam as if it were the refrain to the verse “I speak [study, teach, write in, etc.] Latin”? With no doubt, Latin and the classics in general are making a comeback in the academic world. There is a problem, however. The […]

VSI Kickoff from the Catholic News Herald

How time has been flying by in the few weeks since our kickoff! The enrollments are steadily rolling in and we are moving forward with class prep. Check out this post about our kickoff event.

Sapere Aude…Latinam—And Dare to Try the Johannine Option by Fr Dylan Schrader

“Pope John was right. The Church needs Latin. We are, after all, a global community, an ancient community, and an everlasting community.” We invite you to read this insightful article on the revival of Latin by one of VSI’s own professors.