Latin and Vatican II

Today, the Church marks the 60th anniversary of the official opening of the Second Vatican Council, which was announced by Pope St John XXIII in January of 1959. The Council was held in four sessions, the last of which ended on December 8, 1965; Pope John, however, presided over only the first one, and died […]

St John XXIII and St Lawrence of Brindisi

St Lawrence of Brindisi was born on July 22nd, the feast of St Mary Magdalene, in 1559, and died on the same day in 1619, at the age of sixty. His family was Venetian, but lived in the major port city of Brindisi, then in the Kingdom of Naples, far down Italy’s Adriatic coast. After […]

The Apostolic Constitution ‘Veterum Sapientia’ (Part 3)

For our final consideration of Pope St John XXIII’s Apostolic Constitution Veterum Sapientia, the 60th anniversary of which is tomorrow, we take a look at some of the practical steps that His Holiness orders to be taken to promote the use and study of Latin. He begins by citing the provision of the 1917 Code […]

The Apostolic Constitution ‘Veterum Sapientia’ (Part 2)

As we noted recently, in a few days’ time, we will mark the 60th anniversary of the Apostolic Constitution Veterum Sapientia, from which our institution takes its name. The Pope who promulgated it, St John XXIII, has often been misunderstood as one who wanted to uncritically open the Church up to the modern world, as […]

The Apostolic Constitution ‘Veterum Sapientia’ (Part 1)

Several years ago, the actor Bill Murray, who is a practicing Catholic, gave an interview to the British newspaper The Guardian, in which he spoke thus of the Church’s move away from the use of Latin after the Second Vatican Council. “One new saint he does approve of is Pope John XXIII (who died in […]


The 1962 Vatican Ordinances accompanying Veterum Sapientia. January 6, 2021. Enjoy this sneak preview of what we’re pretty sure is the first-ever translation — into any language, not just English — of a momentous Latin document published in 1962 and, strangely, nearly impossible to find anywhere outside the printed or online edition of the Acta […]

Sapere Aude…Latinam—And Dare to Try the Johannine Option by Fr Dylan Schrader

“Pope John was right. The Church needs Latin. We are, after all, a global community, an ancient community, and an everlasting community.” We invite you to read this insightful article on the revival of Latin by one of VSI’s own professors.