The Latin Letters of C.S. Lewis

Today marks the anniversary of the death of the Christian apologist and beloved author C.S. Lewis, exactly one week before what would have been his 65th birthday, in 1963. At the time, the news of his death was completed overshadowed by the assassination of the American president John F. Kennedy, which took place less than […]

Vir Vespertilio et Hobbitus

As interest in Latin continues to grow, teachers and students of the language are finding all kinds of interesting ways to put new technologies to use in service of the ancient language. One of the best examples of this is Luke Ranieri, who produces all kinds of Latin content on his YouTube channel Scorpio Martianus. […]

Pope Leo XIII on the Holy Rosary

In the course of his Papacy, the fourth longest in history, Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903), who was a superb Latinist, issued eleven encyclicals on the Rosary, in the years 1883, ’84 and ’87, and then each year from 1891-98. All of them were published in September (except one, at the very end of August), looking […]

Another Inscription for Fr Foster, by Dr Eric Hewett

Yesterday, we looked at the winning entry in a contest held by the Paideia Institute for an inscription in honor Fr Reginald Foster, who was the teacher of many of us here at VSI, and whose memory is cherished by so many lovers of Latin, especially those who study and teach it as a living […]

An Inscription in Honor of Fr Foster

Earlier this year, the Paideia Institute, which also works to promote the study of classical languages and literature, held a contest to write a dedicatory inscription in honor of Fr Reginald Foster, the teacher, mentor, and friend of many of their staff, as also of our own. A winning entry was decided and announced in […]

St John XXIII and St Lawrence of Brindisi

St Lawrence of Brindisi was born on July 22nd, the feast of St Mary Magdalene, in 1559, and died on the same day in 1619, at the age of sixty. His family was Venetian, but lived in the major port city of Brindisi, then in the Kingdom of Naples, far down Italy’s Adriatic coast. After […]

Latin Poems by Pope Leo XIII

Today marks the anniversary of the death of His Holiness Pope Leo XIII in 1903. According to an ancient tradition, St Peter had been Pope for 32 years, one less than the years of Christ’s earthly life, but had spent the first seven of those in Antioch, and was therefore bishop of Rome for only […]

A Hymn for Ss Cyril and Methodius

Despite their importance in the history of the Church, Ss Cyril and Methodius, the first evangelizers of the Slavs, only came to be honored with a general feast throughout the Roman Rite fairly recently. Their feast was long kept in most of eastern Europe, and they had a very prominent role in the Byzantine liturgy, […]

“Majorum Atque Nostris” – A New Military Motto

VSI was recently contacted by Major David Lessani of the United States Air Force about a new Latin motto for the 700th Airlift Squadron, based in Atlanta, Georgia, with which he serves. The English starting point for this was “Protecting and honoring what is and was.” After 25 centuries of continuous use, Latin has a […]