Vir Vespertilio et Hobbitus

As interest in Latin continues to grow, teachers and students of the language are finding all kinds of interesting ways to put new technologies to use in service of the ancient language. One of the best examples of this is Luke Ranieri, who produces all kinds of Latin content on his YouTube channel Scorpio Martianus. […]

St Benedict, Patron of Europe (Part 2)

Yesterday, for the feast of St Benedict, we posted the first part of our translation of the Apostolic Letter Pacis Nuntius, by which Pope Paul VI declared him to be the Patron Saint of Europe. This decree shares many of the same concerns about the role of the Faith and of the Church in human […]

Cosmatesque Mosaics

Last week, we shared an essay by our president, Dr Eric Hewett, about the style of medieval style of mosaic known as Cosmatesque, which is used in VSI’s logo. This complex arrangement of geometric patterns was made possible largely because of the vast amounts of colored stone which the Romans brought to their capital in […]

Interview of Fr Barone by Sensus Fidelium

We would like to share an interview of our co-founder Fr Jason Barone by Sensus Fidelium that will premiere on Sunday, January 3rd at 8pm EST. Please like, subscribe, and share. EmbedPress: Please enter your YouTube API key at EmbedPress > Platforms > YouTube to embed YouTube Channel.