Fernando de Morais, MA

Professional Teacher

12 Years


Latin & Greek

About Me

I completed a master’s in Ancient Philology from the Polis Institute of Languages and Humanities and a master’s in Classics from the Washington University in St. Louis. I hold an M.A. degree in Literary Studies and a B.A. in Ancient Greek from the Federal University of Parana, Brazil. I have been teaching Greek since 2008, and Latin since 2012.

Linguistic Experience

  • Latin: Advanced
  • Greek: Advanced
  • Portuguese: Native
  • English: Advanced
  • French: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Spanish: Intermediate/Advanced

Preferred Curriculum / Book

Lingua Latina per se Illustrata and Athenaze

What other curricula/books are you willing to use?

  • Forum (the Polis Latin texbook)
  • Cambridge Latin Course
  • Reading Latin
  • Latin via Ovid
  • Minimus
  • Athenaze (the Italian edition preferably)
  • Polis: Speaking Ancient Greek as a Living Language
  • Reading Greek (JACT)
  • Alexandros: to hellenikon paidion
  • Rouse’s Greek Boy: a reader
  • Trasymachus
  • Ho Christos Theos Estin

Do you use the natural (spoken) method?


How would you describe your teaching style?

My teaching style is conversational/dialogical. When I plan a lesson, my primary concern is with the questions I should ask the students in order to get them interested and willing to take one more step forward. So, if you had a look at my lesson plans, you would see nothing but a series of questions. This approach allows me to keep the goal (let’s say, a particular grammatical point) always in mind while tailoring the actual path we take toward it to the students’ real interests at the moment. The idea is to get the student to feel that, irrespective of what he is learning at the moment, he is learning it because doing it was the natural step to take, not because that was what I happened to have planned to do. That is the ideal, at least. In the end. it all comes down to a lot of forethought and a lot of improvisation.

Are you willing to teach classical Latin upon request?


30 Minute Trial Lesson:

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Preferred / normal time zone: Atlantic Time (GMT -4)

  • Sunday: 2-5 PM
  • Wednesday: 2-5 PM
  • Thursday: 2-5 PM
  • Friday: 2-5 PM
  • Saturday: 2-5 PM

Tutoring Locations

Online Only

Homeschool Co-Ops?

Yes, virtually


Middle school students and up