Magistra Jenni Glaser, MA

I have over ten years of experience teaching and tutoring at the elementary, junior high, and graduate levels.

Professional Teacher & PhD Candidate

12 Years


Latin & Ancient Greek

About Me

My name is Jenni and I am a professional Latin and Greek teacher with over ten years of experience teaching and tutoring both Latin and Ancient Greek. I have taught professionally at the elementary, junior high, and graduate levels and I hold Master’s degrees in Classical Philology. I am currently working on my PhD at Bryn Mawr College, and before that I taught Greek and Latin at the Polis Institute for several years. I also have experience with spoken Latin and Ancient Greek, and I teach all of my school courses in a 100% immersion setting. My passion is to show every interested student that they have the capability to master these languages. With my help, the complicated aspects of these languages will become clear to you, as I help my students learn tools and strategies that they will keep with them in the classroom and out – all in a fun and friendly tutoring environment. With specifically tailored instruction, either as a supplement to current courses or an education ab initio (i.e. from the beginning), I will work with you to help you access the beautiful literature, history and music of the languages of the Ancient World.

Linguistic Experience

  • Latin: Fluent
  • Greek: Fluent
  • Hebrew: Fluent
  • German: Intermediate Speaking
  • French: Reading Knowledge
  • Spanish: Reading Knowledge
  • Italian: Reading Knowledge
  • Middle Egyptian: Reading Knowledge

Preferred Curriculum / Book

Lingua Latina for Latin, Alpha to Omega for Greek

What other curricula/books are you willing to use?

Absolutely anything. I’ve taught with the majority of Greek and Latin textbooks.

Do you use the natural (spoken) method?


How would you describe your teaching style?

I am energetic and fun. I tailor lessons to you and work at your pace. I have helped many students who wanted to learn Latin or Greek on their own, I have helped students prepare for graduate level studies in the language and get accepted to programs, and I have helped students who are struggling or want to work ahead to succeed in their primary classes. My goal is for you to learn the language well, and to fall in love with the language in the process.

Are you willing to teach classical Latin upon request?


30 Minute Trial Lesson:

Hourly Rate:




Preferred / normal time zone: Eastern

  • Sunday: Between 3pm and the end of the day
  • Monday: 4-5pm, but also flexible
  • Tuesday: 4-5pm, but also flexible
  • Wednesday: 4-5pm, but also flexible
  • Thursday: 4-5pm, but also flexible
  • Friday: depends

Tutoring Locations

Online Only


Elementary school students and up.