Magister Marcus Porto

Professional Teacher​

6 Years


Latin & Greek

About Me

Salve! Nomen mihi est Marcus. This is my real and roman name. From the time I was immersed in Latin for a whole year, at Accademia Vivarium Novum, IT, I have had a special love for the language of Cicero. It did much for my mind and education. Speaking it in both a serious and light way and reading extensively, enabled me to dialogue with a plethora of great minds and access the invaluable intellectual and liturgical riches of the Catholic Church. Besides, it helped me with Mathematics, Writing, and learning many other languages later. I can speak English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian but Latin is still the language that was most edifying to me. When studying the Liberals Arts at Thomas Aquinas College, CA, for instance, I was able to read the original text of many great works, like the Vulgate and the Confessions by Saint Augustine. If you would like to really learn Latin by speaking and reap the benefits I reaped, please let me know. Vale!

Linguistic Experience

  • Latin: Advanced-Spoken Proficiency
  • Greek: Intermediate- Can read all of Athenaze I, II, but only speak well through the first volume
  • Portuguese: C2
  • English: C1
  • Spanish: B2
  • Italian: B1
  • French: A2

Are you willing to offer Latin classes at homeschool co-ops or parish Latin class?

Yes, virtually.

Do you have experience with homeschooling?

Yes. Although I am not homeschooled myself, I have taught Brazilian and American homeschoolers remotely.

Have you ever taught online (virtually)?

Yes. Remotely, I tutored individuals interested in becoming fluent in Latin for a number of years. Last year, as a Latin teacher for Great Hearts, I taught in person, online and hibridly.

Preferred Curriculum / Book

Lingua Latina for Latin. Athenaze for Greek

Do you use the natural (spoken) method?


How would you describe your teaching style?

I utilize the natural (spoken) method, about 90 % of the class, asking questions and engaging in dialogue with students about texts or images. Always attentive to the precepts of Comprehensible input Theory, I use much TPR and storytelling. Therefore my classes are highly interactive, verbally and physically, and have a lot of beautiful Art and stories relevant to a Classical education.

Are you willing to teach classical Latin upon request?


30 Minute Trial Lesson:

Hourly Rate:




Preferred / normal time zone: GMT -3

  • Sunday: All day
  • Saturday: All day

Tutoring Locations

Online Only


High school students and up