Dr. Nicolás Lázaro, PhD

(Virg. Aen. I, 207)


21 Years


Latin & Greek.

About Me

My name is Nicolás Lázaro and I received my PhD from the National University of Rosario (UNR, Argentina) on Medieval Philosophy (Thomas Aquinas). Born and raised in Argentina, I have studied abroad: Italy, USA, Brazil and Germany. I have completed many specialization courses on Classics (with the Polis Institute, the Academia Vivarium Novum, the Pontificio Istituto “Altioris Latinitatis”). My main scope is to teach Classics to read the Great Books of Western Civilization on their own language, without any translation.

Linguistic Experience

  • Latin: Fluent
  • Greek: Proficient
  • Spanish: Fluent
  • Italian: Fluent
  • German: Proficient

Preferred Curriculum / Book

Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata series from Hans H. Ørberg (Familia Romana, etc.) For Greek: Athenaze series.

What other curricula/books are you willing to use?

All the LLPSI and the Greek series made by the Academia Vivarium Novum.

Do you use the natural (spoken) method?


How would you describe your teaching style?

My teaching style is based on; (1) Directing and imitation: students will learn from the active and natural spoken method, imitating the teacher, describing pictures, learning poems and songs, etc. (2) Discussing and interaction: Reading in loud voice, ask and answer questions. I ALWAYS dedicate the first and the last 10-15 minutes to solve exercises. (3) Delegate tasks: solve exercises, write short texts, search and describe images (paints preferred), write an own grammar & content summary of the lessons.

Are you willing to teach classical Latin upon request?


30 Minute Trial Lesson:

Hourly Rate:



Special Rates: 1-on-1 acquiring hours package (X10), Groups (maximum of 5)


Preferred / normal time zone: GMT-3

  • Monday-Friday: Flexible
  • Saturday: Morning

Tutoring Locations

Online Only


18 and up.