GRE102: Introduction to Spoken Greek – 2nd Quarter

Professor: Dr Jonathan Arrington

Students: Omnibus

Class day(s) and time: Longer Format: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:45-2:30 PM EST.

Language of instruction: English and Greek

Course description: We’ll speak some basic Greek from the first class forward; we won’t overload the students on vocabulary, but by the end of the class we’ll be able to describe some of the basic sights, sounds (and even smells!) in nature and in the church (hence, incense!), and we’ll be able to give a very basic but illuminative description of simple sentences and even paragraphs in the “Grammatical Greek” of Late Antiquity.

Language prerequisites: English

Materials: Texts will be provided.

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Duration: 45 min. @ 1:45 PM EDT - Tue. & Thu. (April 12-June 25)
Level: No previous study of the language required; beginners welcome.
GRE102: Introduction to Spoken Greek – 2nd Quarter