LAT102-C: Introduction to Spoken Latin (Clericis) – 2nd Quarter

Professor: Dr Nancy Llewellyn

Students: Clericis

Class day(s) and time: Longer Format: Mondays and Wednesdays, 7-7:45 PM EST.

Language of instruction: English and Latin

Course description: the video portion of this course will consist primarily of guided reading and guided practice in speaking and listening centered around Hans Ørberg’s famous introductory textbook Lingua Latina per se Illustrata: Familia Romana, preferred by active-Latin instructors the world over. These sessions will prepare you, the student, to complete other exercises online which will fill out the learning experience and reinforce what you have learned. We will complete at least the first eight chapters of the textbook. At the end of this experience, you should be able to sustain your part of a simple conversation in Latin, and write a simple Latin paragraph, about the content of the textbook or about similar topics in Holy Scripture, the life of St. Thomas Aquinas, or your own life using the same vocabulary and structures.

Language prerequisites: none.

All materials are available from Hackett Publishing and may be purchased online.
Ørberg’s Lingua Latina per se Illustrata: Familia Romana textbook.*
Ørberg’s Colloquia Personarum ancillary reader.
Jeanne Neumann’s Lingua Latina: a Companion to Familia Romana.
Familia Romana Essentials Online e-courseware available from Hackett Publishing. *Images of the main Familia Romana textbook pages are included in the online courseware, therefore investing in the paper textbook, while not strictly required, is nevertheless warmly recommended.

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Duration: 45 min. @ 7 PM EDT - Mon. & Wed. (April 12-June 25)
Lectures: 1
Level: No previous study of the language required; beginners welcome.
LAT102-C: Introduction to Spoken Latin (Clericis) – 2nd Quarter