Academic Programs

Ecclesiastical Latin and Greek Programs for Clergy, Seminarians, Religious, and Laity.

Diplomas in Ecclesiastical Latin

VSI is partnering with the Pontifical Institute of Higher Latin to offer two unique diploma programs tailored for clergy and Latin teachers.
No prior Latin? No problem!

Personal Interest Online Courses

VSI's online courses are open to students that want to study for personal enrichment without committing to a diploma program. Our growing list of faculty from around the world offer courses for all levels and interests.

Latin Immersion Workshops

Have you already studied Latin for a few semesters, but want to make the next step to becoming fluent? Learn Latin the natural way by immersing yourself in the language of the Church for a week.

Kitchen Table Latin (Tutoring)

Are you homeschooling, preparing for an exam, or just want one-on-one instruction? Do you want to study with a qualified, experienced Latinist? What about Greek, Hebrew, etc.? VSI has a tutor for you!

The VSI Advantage

  • Fidelity to the Magisterium
  • Exceptional Faculty
  • Superior Pedagogical Methods

  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Authentic Ecclesiastical Latin and Greek
Church Fathers
Gregory DiPippo

St Paula of Rome

The Roman Martyrology notes today as the anniversary of the death of a Saint named Paula in the year 404. She was a disciple of

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Gregory DiPippo

The Assassination of Caligula

The emperor Caligula was assassinated on this day in the year 41 AD, less than 3½ years after coming to the throne upon the death

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Gregory DiPippo

Theodosius Augustus

A few days ago, we noted the anniversary of the granting of the title “Augustus” to the first Roman Emperor. On this day in 379,

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Gregory DiPippo

The First Emperor and the First Tsar

On this day in 27 BC, the first Roman emperor, Julius Caesar’s nephew and adopted son Octavian, officially received the title “Augustus” from the Roman

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