Policies & Practices

Privacy Policy

By registering on this site or for a course, or submitting any information via one of the forms on this site you agree to receiving email, mail, and phone calls from VSI. These include, but are not limited to, invitations to join Google Classrooms, links to Zoom meetings, announcements pertaining to your courses, newsletters, a welcome packet, etc. VSI will not sell or distribute your personal information.

Scheduling Policies


VSI’s online courses are offered in four quarters per year: fall (starting in September), winter (starting in January), spring (starting in April/May), Summer (starting in June/July). The fall, winter, and spring quarters each last eleven weeks, while the summer quarter is accelerated, lasting only about five weeks.

Time Zone

VSI is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA and is in the Eastern US time zone. All posted times on our website, social media, etc. are in Eastern US time (either Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Daylight Time, as the case may be). Students should take this into consideration when registering for classes and when logging in, because it is very common for students to miss the first class on account of not compensating for the time difference.

Course Preparation Policies

Course Categories and Designators

VSI offers a wide range of courses and uses a designator system to abbreviate the course names. With the exception of the Introductory Language Courses the third letter in the designator indicates the language of instruction/ target language: Latin – L, Greek – G, English – A (as in Anglice).

– DM: Documenta Magistralia – Magisterial Documents
– GRE: Introductory Greek Courses (Ελληνικά)
– JC: Jus Canonicum – Canon Law
– LA: Litteræ Antiquæ – Ancient Literature
– LAT: Introductory Latin Courses (Latina)
– LN: Literæ Novæ – Modern Literature
– PH: Philosophia – Philosophy
– SP: Theologia Spiritualis – Spiritual Theology
– SS: Sacra Scriptura – Sacred Scripture
– TC: Theologia Catechetica – Catechetical Theology
– TL: Theologia Liturgica – Liturgical Theology
– TP: Theologia Patristica – Patristic Theology
– TS: Theologia Scholastica – Scholastic Theology

Language(s) of instruction

VSI promotes the use of language immersion as the best method for truly learning any language, including the ancient languages of the Church. To this end and following Pope John XXIII’s Apostolic Constitution Veterum Sapientia, most of VSI’s courses are taught in Latin, with some Greek courses also being taught.


In accord with papal directives, all participants in VSI courses and workshops are to use ecclesiastical pronunciation (more Romano) when speaking in Latin, as opposed to using classical (restored) pronunciation.

Language Levels of Difficulty

VSI groups its courses into four levels based on the difficulty. These are reflected in the numeric part of the course designators.

– Level 100: Introductory Language Courses (Ørberg’s Familia Romana or Greek equivalent)
– Level 200: Low Intermediate – At least 1-year of formal study of the language of instruction; rusty/basic grammar expected.
– Level 300: Intermediate knowledge of the language of instruction required; courses in the target language with minimal use of the vernacular where necessary.
– Level 400: Advanced knowledge of the language of instruction/object of study required; courses entirely in the target language.

Online Course Lengths and Days Off

Online courses are offered in two formats.
– Short format courses meet for ten, one hour sessions per quarter
– Longer format courses meet for twenty, forty-five minute sessions per quarter.

Since the fall through spring quarters are eleven weeks long, the professors are to provide the students with a break at some point near the middle of the quarter. In the case of longer format courses, the professor may choose to take a full week off, or he may split the break. Professors may indicate planned breaks in the syllabus or announce them to the class during the quarter.

Enrollment Policies

Student Restrictions

Omnibus indicates that a course is open to all. Ecclesiasticis indicates that a course is reserved to priests, deacons, seminarians, and male and female religious.

Technical Prerequisites for Online Courses

VSI online courses are all taught using two online applications which the student must be able to access to take our courses: Google Classrooms and Zoom. Because the course sessions are held as Zoom video conferences, the student must ensure that they have a stable and sufficiently fast internet connection, a webcam, and speakers or headphones. Students must also have an @gmail.com email address. If one has a google based email account at a custom domain, then one must contact tech@veterumsapientia.org to verify that both workspaces are set to allow their domain to join the Google Classroom.

Online Course Prices and Discounts

The tuition for online courses is based on course length.
– Short format: $200
– Longer format: $300

Additional students from the same family, community, or diocese will receive a 25% discount when taking the same course.


A student that refers another to VSI will receive a $25 discount on the next course that they take with VSI.

Trial Policy

Two classes may be attended for free. After the second class, the student will be invoiced via PayPal. Full payment will be required before the third session or the student will be removed from the class.

Withdrawal Policy

A student may withdraw from any course before the third session for a full refund. After the third session, no refund will be given.

Welcome Packet

Within a month of registration for their first course, students will receive a welcome packet in the mail.

Online Course Policies

Google Classrooms

VSI uses Google Classrooms to post handouts, assignments, and grades. Students are expected to login soon after receiving the invitation link, which will be sent to them shortly after registering. They should regularly check their classroom for any updates and announcements throughout the course.


All online courses will meet on Zoom, which is posted to the course’s Google Classroom prior to the first class. Students are asked to be logged on to Zoom a few minutes prior to the class start time. This is especially important for the first class to be sure that everything is technically in order and allow for any troubleshooting.

Class Recording Policy

VSI does not record any of its online classes.


A certificate of completion will be offered to every student for each course within two weeks of the end of the quarter. A physical copy of the certificate will be mailed to students upon request.

VSI reserves the right to change any of these policies at any time without prior notice.

Latest Revision: February 16, 2022.