LAT101-O: Introductory Latin (Omnibus) – 1st Quarter


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Professor: Mr Jacob Terneus

Students: Omnibus (Open to all; not restricted to clerics)

Class day(s) and time: Longer Format: Mon & Thu, 7-7:45 PM Eastern Time (US). (20 Sep – 3 Dec, with a break for Thanksgiving)

Language of instruction: English and Latin, but mostly Latin

Course description: In this course you will read, speak, listen, describe, narrate, be cajoled, and – if past courses are any guide – laugh in Latin. Our guide in this endeavor will be Hans Ørberg’s famous introductory textbook Lingua Latina per se Illustrata: Familia Romana, chosen by active-Latin instructors the world over. It is a text uniquely well-suited for us, as a distance-learning cohort. Our video sessions together will be reinforced through both reading assignments and selected online exercises. The fact that this particular course meets regularly is a great boon; you will find that the frequency and consistency of our meetings aid your language acquisition. During this course, we plan to complete at least the first seven chapters of Ørberg. By the end of the experience, you should be able to sustain your part of a simple conversation in Latin and to write a Latin paragraph on similar topics and using the same vocabulary and grammatical structures as are found in those first seven or so chapters of the textbook.

Language Prerequisites: none

Other Prerequisites: none

o Ørberg’s Lingua Latina per se Illustrata: Familia Romana (primary textbook)
o Ørberg’s Colloquia Personarum (ancillary reader)
o Jeanne Neumann’s Lingua Latina: a Companion to Familia Romana (optional grammatical aid)
o Familia Romana Essentials Online e-courseware (primarily for exercises)
o All materials, including the e-courseware, are available from Hackett Publishing and may be purchased online.

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LAT101-C Syllabus