Cardinal Pietro Bembo, A Renaissance Papal Latinist

On this day in the year 1470 was born one of the great literary men of the later Italian Renaissance, Cardinal Pietro Bembo. His father was a scion of one of the most highly ranked noble families of Venice, a scholar and man of letters, and twice served as his city’s ambassador to Florence, bringing […]

“Salvete, Amici Caesaris!”

Today is the anniversary of one of the most famous events in ancient Roman history, the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. According to the Roman dating system, this day was known as the Ides of March, and had some important religious observances linked to it. The Ides of every month (the 15th in […]

Limites Linguae Latinae

On this day in 98 AD, Trajan succeeded his adoptive father Nerva as Roman Emperor; his rule would last for 19½ years, and bring the borders of Rome’s domain to their greatest expansion. In the course of two separate campaigns (101-2 and 105-6 AD), he conquered a large portion of the region on the Balkan […]

Remembering Fr. Reginald Foster (1939-2020) by John Byron Kuhner

As yet another salute to the legacy of one of the (if not simply THE) greatest Latinists of the last century, we would like to share with you an article by John Kuhner on Fr Foster. We note this article in particular because it shows the man as he was: a great mind aflame with […]

Papal Telegram for the Passing of Fr Foster

Sent December 26, 2020  Telegram by +Parolin to Fr. Saverio Cannistra OCD, Superior General of the Carmelite order, offering the Pope’s condolences on the death of Fr. Reginald Foster. Summus Pontifex Franciscus nuntium accepit Patrem Reginaldum Foster OCD de hoc mundo demigrasse ad Patris domum transiturum qui complures annos in secretaria Status exegit quique innumera […]

Passing of Fr Reginald Foster, OCD

VSI Vice President and co-Founder Nancy Llewellyn on the passing of her mentor and teacher, legendary Latinist Fr. Reginald Foster OCD. Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine. Et lux perpetua luceat ei. I’m trying to absorb the news of the death of Reggie Foster yesterday morning. Hearing it, I felt at once how fitting it was, […]