The 1962 Vatican Ordinances accompanying Veterum Sapientia. January 6, 2021. Enjoy this sneak preview of what we’re pretty sure is the first-ever translation — into any language, not just English — of a momentous Latin document published in 1962 and, strangely, nearly impossible to find anywhere outside the printed or online edition of the Acta […]

New Course: Divinum Officium

We have a late addition to the academic catalogue: LTL175: Divinum Officium: Breviary of the Extraordinary Form (Omnibus) — Dr Daniel GallagherTuesdays, 8-9 PM EST.

Bringing back Latin by Dr Mark Clark

“Latin is a dead language.” How many of us latinophiles have heard that ad nauseam as if it were the refrain to the verse “I speak [study, teach, write in, etc.] Latin”? With no doubt, Latin and the classics in general are making a comeback in the academic world. There is a problem, however. The […]